During the construction phase of the project, we will be adding photos to show progress.

w/c 11th June 2019

Construction has continued inside the centre, despite awful weather. Wooden frameworks have been constructed along with additional sound proofing in the ceiling space around the smaller meeting rooms, ready for plastering. Preparations are under way for the insulation followed by concrete floor which will be laid in the next couple of weeks.

w/c 4th June 2019

Roof above the main hall store

Work has been taking place on the roof detail in the main hall around the noggins via the scaffolding. In addition the final coats of paint for the main hall and adjacent hall store room have now been completed. Other preparation work is taking place inside prior to plastering. Some of the GPC working group donned hard hats, hi-viz and safety boots and were able to access the roof and get a great close-up of the completed roof above the main hall store room (above).

w/c 27th May 2019

Work has now completed on the roof, and you can now see the detailing on each of the faces. Part of the cost saving resulted in the plastering of the rooms being removed and as a consequence the main hall brickwork has been spray painted. However we’re thrilled that after a recent donation, we will now be able to plaster a number of rooms within the centre. This will commence shortly.

w/c 20th May 2019

Work has continued on the roof, with the installation of the remaining insulation sections and outer plastic membrane on the meeting rooms and hall store. The roof detailing is in the process of being added at 0.5 metre centres.

w/c 13th May 2019

This week work has continued on the roof, with the installation of insulation and outer plastic membrane on the hall and the larger meeting room. The next roofing sections for the small meeting rooms, business hub and store room should be completed over the course of the next week. All of the internal scaffolding has now been removed, leaving just the outside sections.

w/c 6th May 2019

Work has continued on the roof , but once again has been hampered by the weather conditions. The main hall roof has been insulted and is awaiting the final covering. Within the next few weeks the render will be applied to the blockwork.

w/c 29th April 2019

Roof of the main hall

Work is continuing with the roof, but has been hampered by the heavy showers over the course of the week. Work will continue on the outer covering of IKO along with the insulation which has to be secured to the timber boarding through to the joists. Some of the scaffolding has been removed from site to enable the next phases inside the centre.

w/c 22th April 2019

The roof joists and noggins have been installed along with the outer boarding, leaving the insulation and IKO roof covering. A final level of scaffolding has been added to enable the completion of the roof. Once the building is water tight, work will begin on the inside.

w/c 16th April 2019

The brick and blockwork is now nearing completion and the roof structures are now being assembled and fixed in place. The blockwork will be rendered once completed, which will complement the red brickwork in the lower part of the building.

w/c 8th April 2019

Brick laying is very dependent on the weather conditions, so with the exception of one day (when wind and rain stopped work), the brick laying continued. This coming week should see an additional layer of scaffolding added that will enable the final courses of bricks to be laid. The next stage will see the delivery of the roof structure for assembly and fitting.

w/c 1st April 2019

View of the main hall

Last week the scaffolding was installed around the inside and outside of the building, enabling the next phase of brick laying to begin. The project team were able to take a walk around the shell of the community centre for the very first time – an incredibly exciting time following years of planning.

During the next couple of weeks the internal and external walls will be completed before work starts on the roof structure.

w/c 25th March 2019

It’s been a relief that the weather has remained dry with a light breeze over the past week enabling work ton continue onsite. The brickwork has now reached the maximum height possible walls without scaffolding. Once this has been erected in the next few days, the next phase of the brick and blockwork will resume. You can clearly see the entrance framed by the steel work in the photo.

w/c 18th March 1029

With the drop in the wind and drier conditions, the brick layers have been able to return to the site and continue laying the internal and outside walls. The frames for the windows for the larger meeting at the front of the building are now in place. The first phase of the brickwork will be completed inside and out by the end of the week.

w/c 11th March 2019

Over the course of the past week the brick work has continued, however this has been considerably hampered by strong winds and rain. This has resulted in a number of issues and delays. #stormgareth may have moved into the North Sea, but we have continued to see heavy showers and strong winds through the week. Once these have passed the brick laying can resume.

w/c 4th March 2019

After a few supply delays, the concrete flooring supports were delivered and the construction team installed the concrete joists then cementing the infill blocks in place. During the week the brick laying will start on the next sections of internal and external walls. The building design will start to take more shape.

w/c 25th February 2019

The weather has been very different compared to last year at the same time, when the country was hit by the ‘beast from the east’! This has helped the construction process, enabling the laying of concrete around the base of the building. The internal pipework for toilets and kitchen are now in place, which can be seen at the front of the picture above. During the coming week the concrete flooring supports will be installed.

w/c 18th February 2019

Brick laying has now begun

At the end of last week the windposts were installed at the entrance (left hand side of the picture) and the end of the hall (right hand side of the picture). These are designed to span vertically to provide lateral support for panels of brickwork in the building. The base layer of blocks have been laid, along with three rows of standard bricks. The main brick approved for the building is Arden Special Reserve.

w/c 11th February 2019

With the entrance to the site now complete, some of the excess top soil has now been removed and the base layer of the car park is in place. Over the next week the wind posts will be attached to the footings.

You may notice that fencing has been erected next to where the community centre is being constructed. This is the space allocated to the Local Education Area of Play (LEAP) which William Davis Homes are constructing.

w/c 4th February 2019

The footings were completed last week enabling the delivery and filling with concrete. This took place on Monday 4th after a slight delay whilst the weather warmed up, as concrete needs to be poured in temperatures 2 degrees above zero.

The foundations are now complete

In addition the entrance (known as the crossover), used to provide vehicle and foot access to the site, is in progress and should be finished by the end of the week subject to the weather conditions.

25th January 2019

We are delighted to confirm that the lease, charge on the land and other paperwork have been finalised, and construction has begun on site!

Construction – Day 1

The project is to be overseen by Oakwood Construction, with the construction phase expected to last until late August 2019. 

We wanted to make sure that those living closest to the site are up to date with the project, so this letter was delivered prior to construction.

Next public meeting

We look forward to seeing you at the next Grange Park Centre meeting where we will be discussing ways to get involved  20:15-21:00, Wednesday 22nd May in the Studio meeting room at Outwoods Edge School.

Construction update