We are currently in the process of revising the building from the previous £650k design to something more achievable around £300k.

In order to fund this new design we have reviewed a number of grants, and determined that our best strategy with the timescales and limited resources we should target the Big Lottery fund.

We have been in touch with the area representative for Charnwood at the Big Lottery, who has highlighted two potential funds. One of these is a maximum of £100k, the other is for building projects greater than £100k, but has several conditions attached including eligibility linked to social needs in the locality.

At this meeting we outlined these funds, and discussed in some detail. Our plan over the next month will be to:-

  1. investigate the conditions linked to the larger Big Lottery community fund further and report back our conclusions at our next meeting. However in light of the timescales, we intend to start the application process for these funds asap
  2. carry out more investigation on the revised design and layout of the community centre to meet this new financial constraint
  3. continue conversations with Charnwood Borough Council in relation to the Big Lottery funds

We also welcomed Angelina Bassford as treasurer to the team, who brings with her accounting experience working in the charities sector.


12 October 2016