Thanks to all who attended the meeting, including our local beat PCSO officers, Cllr David Hayes and a couple of new local residents. This was our last meeting at Wysall House, which is sadly closing down at the end of December. We would like to formally thank the Reside group for providing the facility for free over the past five years, and the resource for the local community will be greatly missed.

The Grange Park Centre group formally appointed new roles within the group including Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Additional roles will be created and added to the constitution, and will be appointed at a future meeting.

The initial response to our email communication from the Big Lottery was discussed, and the invitation for a formal meeting in January. These are still early discussions, and as yet we have not received a request to submit a lottery grant application. However we all agreed positive steps have been made over the past three months.


21 December 2016