We were delighted to welcome our 2 new Borough Councillors, Cllr Bolton & Cllr Brennan, to the meeting, along with a number of residents.

The construction sub team updated residents on the progress of the building. The brick work is in place, and the exterior breeze blocks will be covered in a white colour through render. Attention has turned to the inside of the building, including painting the main hall.

The fundraising sub team explained the intention to close ‘sponsor a brick’ at the end of June to allow the team to finalise the artwork for the wall. The team have made 93 funding applications, and been successfully secured 30 from the 88 we have heard back from so far. This is an amazing achievement, and much higher than what has been experienced by other groups.

The project has recently been awarded 2 large grants that were reliant on an independent person donating 10% of the grant value in order to unlock the grant. An amazing local resident has paid over £3,000 to the funder to unlock £33,000 of grants. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to this benefactor (who wishes to remain anonymous), for this amazing gift to the community.

The building is just the start of the journey. The project that will run from it will have an amazing impact on the local community – please contact us at help@grangeparkcentre.org.uk if you would like to get involved.

22nd May 2019