At this meeting there were a number of people who had not been to our meetings before and so a brief history of how the group had come to exist and develop the Grange Park Centre Project was shared.

People were then given the opportunity to ask questions, which if possible the trustees would answer. A number of questions were asked and answers given which led to the creation of a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on the website to ensure everyone was able to see that information who wished to.

Some individuals were not happy about various aspects of the project, feeling that they had not been consulted, that the Centre would not be a positive experience for the local Community and that their views were not being taken into account. They had started an on-line petition for those who felt as they did.

The Committee expressed their sadness that they felt this way, and apologised if anyone felt that they had been misled by them. They explained how any Centre would be subject to Council rules and regulations concerning things like opening hours, safe parking, etc.

It was suggested that a further survey be undertaken. The Committee explained that there would need to be a lot of help for this to be a possibility at this time.

The meeting closed at 9pm with information concerning the date of the AGM which would be held on 15 November 2017 at 8.15pm at Outwoods Edge School Studio. It was noted that this would be a formal meeting as required by the Charity Commission. The next meeting will be on 13 December at 8.15pm again at Outwoods Edge School Studio rather than our normal 4th Wednesday of December due to Christmas.

25 October 2017