When we first started work on the plans for the community centre, it included disabled facilities.

During the last few months of 2017, a local resident asked us whether we could include a Changing Place within the Centre. Unfortunately, this was too late within the design process and confines of the budget to include within the design package for the planning application process at the start of December.

However, we did have lots of discussions and agreed to increase the size of the disabled facilities as much as possible to 2.5m x 2.9m within the constraints of the building footprint. This included moving some internal walls, strengthening one internal wall and moving the position of the doors into the main hall to accommodate a larger space. The larger room would accommodate a mobile hoist, adjustable height changing table, sink and wash basin. The size of the disabled facilities does not fully comply with the specification of changing places requirements as specified by the Changing Places Consortium (http://www.changing-places.org), and therefore could not be called a changing place. However we do feel that this hybrid solution will have significant benefits in providing equipment which would previously not have been possible.

The additional finance required to install the mobile hoist and adjustable height changing table will be outside of the funding we are looking for, for the building. However, we have a fund-raising plan to look for grants to fund this. One of the local residents has offered to assist us with looking for this funding, but we are happy for others to assist too. We have received a grant of £2000 towards the changing table and we are looking at additional grants for the remaining funds to purchase this once the centre is open.


Can you confirm you will be having a changing place within the building for disabled visitors?