The Grange Park Centre group has been working towards building a new Community Centre, and have not been involved in the rest of the land.

In May 2018, William Davis submitted three planning applications relating to the site. Full details can be found on the Charnwood Planning Portal by searching for the planning application number stated below.

1. Applied for a discharge of obligations under Section 106A of P/00/2078/2: Provisions relating to part of the Local Centre on Grange Park development, P/18/0914/2.

This relates to release from provision of the following aspects of the original Section 106 Agreement due to a lack of demand: 0.5 ha for shopping or other commercial uses and 0.3 ha for community health and welfare development, including one place of worship, doctor or dentist, or such other health and welfare facilities and community uses.

This discharge of obligations does not affect provision for the Grange Park Centre community centre.

2. Planning application for 30 houses, land off Highland Drive/Knox Road, P/18/0888/2. This is on land adjacent to the planned community centre and play area.

3. Planning application for Play Areas on Grange Park Estate, P/18/0893/2.

The ‘view related documents’ section includes detailed information about the equipment that is proposed on the Highland Drive/Knox Road play park, and the Allendale Road play park (by the roundabout).


What has happened to the shops, and place of worship that were on the original planning application?