Request for a change of opening hours – July 2019

When we applied for planning permission in 2017 for the Community Centre, we had ideas from previous consultation about the local community groups who would want to use the centre and we used this to help shape the opening hours.

When did construction start?

Construction started on site on 25th January 2019. We wanted to make sure that those living closest to the site were up to date with the project, so we delivered letter updates on Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th January 2019.

What are the timescales for the project?

May 2018 Begun the final stage of the tendering process to select a main building contractor Launched ‘Sponsor-a-Brick‘ fundraising campaign June 2018 Securing the land: working through the legal process with William Davis Ltd for a proposal to safeguard the

What services will be provided for people with disabilities?

The centre will be designed to comply with building regulations to ensure that disabled people are able to integrate within the activities. It is the intention that the committee and centre management will not be running any of the activities

What impact will the new Community Centre have on traffic?

As part of the planning application process for the Grange Park Centre, the Highways Agency assessed the area and traffic levels. We will actively promote, as part of the Green Policy for the Centre, that people use alternative means of

Why has the planned location of the Community Centre changed?

The exact location of the proposed community centre had to be agreed between William Davis and Charnwood Borough Council as part of the Section 106 Agreement. A planning application for the proposed Grange Park Community Centre was approved by the

What activities will take place at the Community Centre?

There are many ideas for activities and services that could be run at the centre, but nothing has been finalised as yet. Data from engagement with stakeholders and consultation activities tells us there is a need and demand for sports