We’ve come a huge way, but as you can imagine, there’s still lots to do to turn our vision into reality!

Up until now a small group has been working at building the foundations – and now we have the support of a development grant from the Big Lottery, we need your help.

We’re looking for help to work on the different aspects of the projects, and have divided it into six sub-groups:

  • Grants and funding – sourcing funding for the project and the community centre
  • Building group – architects, planning, survey, etc.
  • Project – youth work, links with sports, life skills, manager to work with service providers
  • Community consultation – working with local schools to determine activities suggested by youth, and on-going community needs
  • Lottery application – developing project plan linking to our final stage application form
  • Marketing and publicity – helping to develop marketing and publicity to raise the profile of the project

You may have relevant skills or simply time to help out in the many aspects of the project development:

  • Project management
  • Desktop publishing, e.g. creating leaflets, posters, images, website content
  • Funding applications
  • Youth work experience, e.g. helping devise ways of engaging with young people
  • Creating job specifications
  • IT skills, e.g. helping us build an online bookings system
  • Sport and exercise advice, e.g. how to engage with all ages within the community
  • Deliver leaflets
  • Questionnaires, e.g. talking to people around the area and asking their opinion and needs
  • Publicity, e.g. helping communicate with the community through social media, email, websites and leaflets

If you feel you can help in any way, please get in touch.

Thank you.