Please see below for summaries of past meetings.

10th July 2019

The construction sub team updated residents on the progress of the building, and shared a number of site photos. The latest construction update can be found here.

The fundraising sub team announced that funding has been received for the kitchen – the design includes an oven, fridge, dishwasher and hot water dispenser for drinks. Part funding towards a Centre Manager role for the next 3 years has also been secured, recruitment will start nearer to the opening time. A big thank you was given to businesses and individuals who have donated to the project in recent weeks.

The team explained that when the community centre project was first established and the charity formed in 2014, it was decided to name it after Grange Park on which the site was allocated as part of a section 106 agreement. Since then the vision has developed and they wanted to find a centre name that would be more reflective of the whole community which it will serve. The Committee have chosen to name it ‘The Arc Community Hub’ to reflect the spark that this will generate between those in the community, and the fact it will act as a hub for activities and projects for the future. The Grange Park Centre charity will still continue and will be responsible for running the centre.

22nd May 2019

We were delighted to welcome our 2 new Borough Councillors, Cllr Bolton & Cllr Brennan, to the meeting, along with a number of residents.

The construction sub team updated residents on the progress of the building. The brick work is in place, and the exterior breeze blocks will be covered in a white colour through render. Attention has turned to the inside of the building, including painting the main hall.

The fundraising sub team explained the intention to close ‘sponsor a brick’ at the end of June to allow the team to finalise the artwork for the wall. The team have made 93 funding applications, and been successfully secured 30 from the 88 we have heard back from so far. This is an amazing achievement, and much higher than what has been experienced by other groups.

The project has recently been awarded 2 large grants that were reliant on an independent person donating 10% of the grant value in order to unlock the grant. An amazing local resident has paid over £3,000 to the funder to unlock £33,000 of grants. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to this benefactor (who wishes to remain anonymous), for this amazing gift to the community.

The building is just the start of the journey. The project that will run from it will have an amazing impact on the local community – please contact us at if you would like to get involved.

27th March 2019

Two of the trustees outlined the current site progress using projected photos taken of the site and the architects drawings. This formed the basis of discussions about the perimeter of the site, the community garden, the site plan and how each of the rooms are connected in the building.

It was explained that new Trustees will need to be sought for the next stage of the project as the construction finishes and the projects running in the building begin. We was explained that this would be a formal process which needs to be defined prior to advertising , interviews then appointments.

It was then explained that help is needed in the following areas:

  • Part-time centre manager appointment
  • Volunteers to assist in running the centre
  • Small jobs for painting, gardening etc
  • Help developing the existing website

The fund raising has achieved some incredible results over the past couple of months. This were detailed as follows;

  1. 420 Trees from the Woodland Trust
  2. £20,000 from a land fill grant – this would provide landscaping & cycle shelter
  3. Octopus Energy – sensory tree pack of 10 trees
  4. East Midlands Airport Community Fund – £1,500 towards purchasing chairs for the main hall
  5. The Henry Smith Charity – £10,000 towards building costs

The next stage for the fund raising team is to move on to the fixtures and fittings require inside the building.

To enable as many people as possible to find out about the centre and the projects, in addition to the  meetings held at Outwoods Edge every couple of months, we will also run drop-in events at Costa coffee on Allendale Road. These will provide people who cannot attend the usual Wednesday meetings with the change to find out how they can get involved. These will be held on different nights of the week from 8:30-9:30. and will be advertised through our email updates and social media channels.

23rd January 2019

The Grange Park Centre Committee were delighted to be joined by representatives from the Shelthorpe Community Association, and a number of local residents for the meeting.

The meeting begun with a review of the minutes from the 7th November 2018 meeting, as the last meeting on 28th November was the AGM. A number of actions have been completed since then, including publicising that the funds needed to start building the community centre have now been raised. The legal aspects of the 150 year lease of the land have also now been resolved. An initial letter has been delivered to 60 households around the site, informing them that construction will be starting shortly. The profile of the project has also been raised with a segment on East Midlands Today, and an article in the Leicester Mercury newspaper and online. A digital 3D model (as shown on East Midlands Today) was projected during the meeting to help residents visualise the complete building.

Resident question – what is the on-going fundraising for?

Response – £670k has been raised which is enough to start building the community centre. The additional money is required for landscaping, cycle shed, fixtures and fittings. We are also fundraising for the services that will be run from the centre e.g. youth club, IT training etc. When the centre opens there will be initial start up costs to cover. The ‘sponsor a brick’ initiative will continue throughout the construction phase.

The meeting closed with a discussion about opportunities to get involved with the project – including decorating, gardening, helping at coffee mornings etc.

7th November 2018

This meeting was originally scheduled for 31st October, but we rearranged for 7th November to avoid a clash with Halloween activities. It was great to see a good turnout, and the committee shared updates about the key strands of the project.

We have recently been awarded funding from one significant grant application – more information to follow shortly. We continue to work with local businesses, our incredibly generous residents and supporters and a number of trusts and grants to raise the final funds needed for us to complete the build. We are now starting to raise funds for our project – providing services and activities for local people when the centre is finished.

The legal aspects of the lease for the land has been a long and involved process over the past seven months. The Big Lottery requested a number of small changes which are currently being ironed out with the legal teams. We hope to be signing very, very shortly, and then communicating details about the construction timelines.

We’re still looking for people to sponsor-a-brick in the community centre and will shortly be launching something special for Christmas! As we begin to see the building going up, we will need your help in publicising the centre, getting it ready to open and running it successfully. If you would like to be involved in any of the jobs that will need doing, from gardening and painting to volunteering at coffee mornings or opening and locking up the building, please do get in touch.

15 August 2018

After the England v Croatia World Cup football match took over our July meeting, we were really pleased to be able to organise a replacement meeting. It was great to welcome 11 local residents including some new faces, along with our Charnwood Neighbourhood Development Officer, and local borough Councilor Richard Huddlestone.


At the end of June we delivered a project update flier to over 3,000 households in the Shelthorpe ward. A big thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped with this! The flier explained the background of the project, planned timescales, contact information, and information of how to Sponsor-a-brick to support the project.

Phil Holloway videoed an interview with Paul Gadd (Chair of Trustees) on the proposed site to update followers of his local Facebook group. Visit the ‘Grange Park & Fairmeadows & The Chime & Trinity Gardens’ to find out more.


A lease for the site for the community centre is still being finalized between solicitors for the Grange Park Centre charity and William Davis Limited. A charge must be applied for by the Big Lottery legal team.

A question was asked by a resident about the metal fencing that has been erected this week enclosing two large areas of land adjacent to Highlands Drive and Knox Road – including the community centre site. Grange Park Centre have spoken with a representative of the owner William Davis Limited, and they will be issuing a statement shortly which we will pass through our various communication channels.


Since the last public meeting in May, £82,000 has been secured in grants. We have 20+ applications still being considered, and we continue to apply for new grants every week.

The Sponsor a brick initiative has raised £5,859 so far – thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! We have also contacted over 80 local businesses to request support with financial donations, materials or services.


We are currently going through a value engineering process with 2 potential contractors to finalise the building specification and budget. A contractor will be chosen in the next few weeks.

We are still working towards starting construction in September, but this will depend on a number of factors including the legal process linked to the land, and wait to be confirmed.

Please sign up to Grange Park Centre emails, or follow the Facebook page for updates.

Construction of the community centre is estimated to take 6 months. During this time we will continue our fund raising for different elements of the projects that will be run from the building.


During the meeting we split into groups to brainstorm ideas to obtain the finances, skills and materials needed to deliver the project. These suggestions will be considered at the next committee meeting.


If you are unable to attend the meeting but have some ideas, or business links that may be able to provide goods or skills as part of the construction phase, please email


20:15-21:00, The Studio, Outwoods Edge Primary School:

31st October – project update meeting

28th November – AGM

23 May 2018

Once again it was great to see a full room with new faces at our meeting, along with other local residents and our local borough councillor Richard Huddlestone and county councillor Ted Parton.

Since our last meeting in February there have been a number of updates:

We received notification from the Big Lottery that we have been successful with £500k from the Reaching Communities buildings fund.

We were notified that we have been awarded £10k for skills and training for the GPC charity in order to run the project. And as a result we celebrated with a cake that was kindly been donated…

We’ve launching a new video providing more information and 3D representation of how the community centre will look. This has been put together by volunteers and is live on the website homepage, and will be put on social media.

The Section 106 on the land for the community centre expired on the 31st August 2017 and as such the land is still owned by William Davis Ltd. We are currently awaiting legal documents from William Davis Ltd for a proposal to the Grange Park Centre charity to secure the land for future generations.

We have already been out to tender in April for the main contractor, however a number of potential contractors dropped out of the process because of other commitments. As a result we have instigated a second tender process, which is currently under way and will be completed during June. We have also been informed by William Davis Ltd that we will be able to access the balancing ponds for storm water, which will reduce the size of attenuation tank required under the community centre car park.

We are in the process of looking to a number of grant applications and businesses. We have were involved in a number of meetings with funders and businesses last week and have received a really positive response. On 18th May we launched the Sponsor-a-brick appeal to raise funds from the local community. We are pleased to announce that the total in pledges already reached £800 (at the time of the meeting). We will be launching a page on the website which will keep a running total of the amount raised for the Sponsor a brick appeal. Finally we launched a sponsor-a-brick video on our YouTube Channel.

We have had a number of people ask to see business cards during meetings so we have had some business cards printed that include the virtual image of the community centre.

A GPC Privacy Policy has been created and published on the website. Email was sent 13th May to ask GPC database to update their preferences.
As of 21st May 89/217 had updated their preferences. JL to send a reminder on 24th May.

After 25th May people who have not clicked ‘email’ on their process will no longer receive updates, and will be removed from the database.
Residents can add themselves to the email database via the Facebook page or website.

We’re really keen for local residents to get involved with the project, and there are a number of practical ways we need your help:

• Delivering project update fliers 15-19 June
• Sponsor a brick – visit the special donations page on our website
• Do you have contacts who can help? Please talk to your neighbours and encourage them to support the project
• Do you work for or own a business who could help? Please get in touch

28 February 2018

The meeting was the first part to develop a list of skills and activities of local residents in the area.

The slides from the presentation give on the evening can viewed below:

Feb 2018 presentation

A summary of the flip chart notes collected on the evening from local residents is included below:

Flip chart summary Feb18


13 December 2017

It was good to see a large turnout for this month’s meeting, including David Hayes, one of our Borough Councillors.

The meeting opened with a welcome and introduction from the GPC Secretary. Thanks was given to all those who had taken the time to put forward questions in preparation for the meeting. A special thanks was made to the Grange Park Residents Association, who have been raising awareness of the project online, and have gathered some questions for the group to answer.

The questions raised prior to the meeting formed the basis for workshops that we ran during the evening. The aim of the workshops was to help shape the Centre and ensure it will be as good a neighbour as possible, and ensure that it will bring the biggest benefit to the community.

It was explained that after the meeting, a full list of the questions and responses would be available on the Grange Park Centre website (here). A few printed copies were made available for those without internet access.

Project update

A project update was provided, explaining that a planning application has been submitted for the Centre (copies of the plans were available to view during the workshop) and that the Stage 3 Lottery Application had also been submitted.

The Secretary explained that the working group had been looking at other community centres, opening hours and exploring the models available to run the GPC. The GPC team was unable to say exactly how the centre would operate, what hours it will operate and what specific activities will take place – highlighting that these points cannot be finalised until it is definite that the building is going ahead. Consultation has highlighted that activities for young people, older people, exercise classes, advice, training, business facilities, and counselling are important. The planning application states the maximum opening hours as 8am to 10:30pm, seven days a week, but hours will vary depending on bookings.


The meeting then split the attendees into three groups, each with a facilitator and trustee to answer specific questions.

  • What excites you about the centre and how it could be used?
  • What might happen inside the centre?
  • What might happen in the area around the centre?

Flip charts were provided in each group, pre-populated with the comments/concerns raised prior to the meeting. The facilitators asked the groups to explain more about the concern, and suggest ways it could be overcome/mitigated – providing a good list to consider in our plans going forward. Notes were taken in each of the workshop groups.

Closing remarks

The meeting closed by bringing everyone in attendance back together, thanking everyone for their contributions and explaining that the working group would review the ideas and suggestions collated from the groups and incorporate these and continue to address any concerns as the project moves forward, in particular mitigating for ASB and parking.

It was explained that in 2018, public GPC meetings would be held on alternative months to allow the working group to focus on the increased time needed for the project. Outwoods Edge Primary School had been unable to confirm the room bookings for 2018 at that time; it was stated that these dates would be publicised online when confirmed.

Updates would continue through the usual channels, including email, website and social media. If residents are not receiving emails, it was suggested they check their junk email folder; the working group have provided answers to all the emails that have been received.

Following the meeting, the next meeting date has been confirmed as Wednesday, 28 February 2018.

15 November 2017 (GPC AGM )

Grange Park Centre AGM, The Studio, Outwoods Edge Primary School

Details of the AGM meeting can be found in the report (see below) which was read out at the meeting.

GPC Trustees Anual Report 2017

25 October 2017

At this meeting there were a number of people who had not been to our meetings before and so a brief history of how the group had come to exist and develop the Grange Park Centre Project was shared.

People were then given the opportunity to ask questions, which if possible the trustees would answer. A number of questions were asked and answers given which led to the creation of a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on the website to ensure everyone was able to see that information who wished to.

Some individuals were not happy about various aspects of the project, feeling that they had not been consulted, that the Centre would not be a positive experience for the local Community and that their views were not being taken into account. They had started an on-line petition for those who felt as they did.

The Committee expressed their sadness that they felt this way, and apologised if anyone felt that they had been misled by them. They explained how any Centre would be subject to Council rules and regulations concerning things like opening hours, safe parking, etc.

It was suggested that a further survey be undertaken. The Committee explained that there would need to be a lot of help for this to be a possibility at this time.

The meeting closed at 9pm with information concerning the date of the AGM which would be held on 15 November 2017 at 8.15pm at Outwoods Edge School Studio. It was noted that this would be a formal meeting as required by the Charity Commission. The next meeting will be on 13 December at 8.15pm again at Outwoods Edge School Studio rather than our normal 4th Wednesday of December due to Christmas.

27 September 2017

Once again it was good to see new faces at this month’s meeting, including two of our local Councillors.

Our meetings always start with updates since the previous meeting, including the successful Shelthorpe Community Association and GPC joint community event held on the 23rd September on the proposed site of the community centre. It was noted that William Davis had kindly organised for the grass to be cut the day before the event.

We welcomed Ingrid Cunningham as a new member onto the committee, adding a number of new skills to the team.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the Big Lottery application.

The Funding sub-group announced the outcome of the Bright Ideas submission for additional skills training, which was unsuccessful. They announced the successful CBC Reaching Communities grant which was used for the community event on the green.

We also heard about the CBC Community Facilities grant on the 20th September and managed to turn around a submission in record time to meet the deadline on the 21st! We will hear back in November whether the application is successful.

They have also been working on a new grant application called the Awards for All grant, supported by the Big Lottery.

The group will be turning their attention to a number of other grants which are coming up in 2018 which could be used to fund various aspects of the proposed community centre including BIFFA , Mick George and Wooden Spoon.

The Business plan sub-group have continued to meet over the past few weeks to progress the application.

You can find out more about these sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


28 June 2017

Once again it was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, more people who had heard about the project and wanted to find out more information. Discussions during the meeting were split between the Aldi planning application and the Grange Park Centre.

Our meetings always start with updates since the previous meeting. Our most notable progress has been the selection of the employers agent, MDA Consulting, who will help guide us through the development and (subject to successful award of the full RCB grant) construction phases. With the help of MDA we are currently looking at various elements of the development phase in more detail, and reviewing our research over the past two months with the benefit of their experience. We have also had discussions with one of the construction groups which are part of the East Midlands Property Alliance, Property Services framework (EMPA). The selection of the construction company via the EMPA framework will significantly reduce the development phase by removing the need to tender for a construction company to work with.

The existing agreement for the land expires next month on 31st August, and we are currently awaiting confirmation of an extension between William Davis and Charnwood Borough Council for an additional 12 months.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the Big Lottery application.

The Funding sub-group having completed the application for the Bright Ideas grant, and we are waiting to hear an outcome during July. The group will be turning their attention to a BIFFA grant and CBC grant for a future promotional event. The Business plan sub-group will be meeting on 3rd July to progress the application.

You can find out more about these sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


24 May 2017

Once again it was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, more people who had heard about the project and wanted to find out more information.

Our meetings always start with updates since the last meeting. This included building updates following conversations with local architects and construction companies. As part of this process, we are joining the EMPA framework which may provide additional Design & Build construction options. We are still seeking to engage a suitable employer’s agent to work closely with us through the design phase to take us to RIBA 4. This has proved a more difficult process than expected, but we hope to draw this to a conclusion in the next few weeks.

The existing agreement for the land expires on 31st August, and we are currently awaiting confirmation from of an extension between William Davis and Charnwood Borough Council for an additional 12 months.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the application and how these would divide up the elements required for the project. Another focus on the evening was the Bright Ideas fund which we are aiming to submit by the end of the month. The Bright Ideas Programme offers the opportunity for us to access professional know-how and knowledge to help us develop our business ideas to be able to deliver the project and a clear strategy moving forward to meet the needs of this community for the longterm.

You can find out more about the sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


26 April 2017

Once again it was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, more people who had heard about the project and wanted to find out more information.

The meeting was spent discussing progress since receiving notification from the Big Lottery of the development grant. We’ve had exploratory meetings with local architects and construction companies to discuss the project and the most appropriate design/construction method. After further discussions with the Big Lottery, we are now seeking to find a suitable employer’s agent to work closely with us through the design phase to take us to RIBA 4.

Since the existing agreement for the land expires on 31st August, we had previously requested an extension from William Davis via Charnwood Borough Council. Our local Councillor confirmed that a letter has been sent from Charnwood Borough Council to William Davis requesting an extension to the S106 agreement on the land to give us more time to submit the Big Lottery application.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the application and how these would divide up the elements required for the project.

You can find out more about these sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


22 March 2017

It was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, including our new police sergeant assigned to the beat, members of the Shelthorpe Community Association and our local councillor.

We announced the fantastic news that we have just been awarded a development grant from the Big Lottery – more information will be available on this soon. We discussed the time period set by the Big Lottery for the development phase, which is needed to obtain all the information required for the next stage of the application process.

We discussed the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the application and how these would divide up the elements required for the project.

You can find out more about these sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


22 February 2017

It was good to see some new faces at this months meeting, including local police offices from the Loughborough South neighbourhood team  and members of the Shelthorpe Community Association.

We outlined the history of the community centre group over the past 5-6 years, and our project which we are proposing to run from a future centre. The idea of forming subgroups was discussed, should the opportunity of running a community project become possible.

We hope more information regarding funding will be available shortly.


25 January 2017

A number of the committee sent their apologies, however we had visitors who have recently moved into the area who are interested in what is happening with the land in the Grange Park area.

We outlined the history of the community centre over the past 5-6 years, and our project which we are proposing to run from a future centre. Following our meeting with the Big Lottery the previous week, we discussed responses to some of the questions raised. We hope more information regarding funding will be available shortly.


21 December 2016

Thanks to all who attended the meeting, including our local beat PCSO officers, Cllr David Hayes and a couple of new local residents. This was our last meeting at Wysall House, which is sadly closing down at the end of December. We would like to formally thank the Reside group for providing the facility for free over the past five years, and the resource for the local community will be greatly missed.

The Grange Park Centre group formally appointed new roles within the group including Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Additional roles will be created and added to the constitution, and will be appointed at a future meeting.

The initial response to our email communication from the Big Lottery was discussed, and the invitation for a formal meeting in January. These are still early discussions, and as yet we have not received a request to submit a lottery grant application. However we all agreed positive steps have been made over the past three months.


21 November 2016

Fantastic attendance for November’s  meeting!

The first part of the meeting was used to bring everyone up-to-speed on the  developments in the GPC project, including the latest contact with Charnwood Borough Council, and Voluntary Action in Leicestershire about possible grants.

We then reviewed a draft document for a Big Lottery grant, in preparation for a review meeting on Friday the 25th November Friday.

Once we have more information about the potential Big Lottery grant, we will be making this information available on the website.


12 October 2016

We are currently in the process of revising the building from the previous £650k design to something more achievable around £300k.

In order to fund this new design we have reviewed a number of grants, and determined that our best strategy with the timescales and limited resources we should target the Big Lottery fund.

We have been in touch with the area representative for Charnwood at the Big Lottery, who has highlighted two potential funds. One of these is a maximum of £100k, the other is for building projects greater than £100k, but has several conditions attached including eligibility linked to social needs in the locality.

At this meeting we outlined these funds, and discussed in some detail. Our plan over the next month will be to:-

  1. investigate the conditions linked to the larger Big Lottery community fund further and report back our conclusions at our next meeting. However in light of the timescales, we intend to start the application process for these funds asap
  2. carry out more investigation on the revised design and layout of the community centre to meet this new financial constraint
  3. continue conversations with Charnwood Borough Council in relation to the Big Lottery funds

We also welcomed Angelina Bassford as treasurer to the team, who brings with her accounting experience working in the charities sector.


14 September 2016

Very productive meeting – reviewing the progress of the project to date. Our major focus over the next month is looking at the Big Lottery Fund, and scoping out a revised design for the centre.