Once again it was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, more people who had heard about the project and wanted to find out more information.

Our meetings always start with updates since the last meeting. This included building updates following conversations with local architects and construction companies. As part of this process, we are joining the EMPA framework which may provide additional Design & Build construction options. We are still seeking to engage a suitable employer’s agent to work closely with us through the design phase to take us to RIBA 4. This has proved a more difficult process than expected, but we hope to draw this to a conclusion in the next few weeks.

The existing agreement for the land expires on 31st August, and we are currently awaiting confirmation from of an extension between William Davis and Charnwood Borough Council for an additional 12 months.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the application and how these would divide up the elements required for the project. Another focus on the evening was the Bright Ideas fund which we are aiming to submit by the end of the month. The Bright Ideas Programme offers the opportunity for us to access professional know-how and knowledge to help us develop our business ideas to be able to deliver the project and a clear strategy moving forward to meet the needs of this community for the longterm.

You can find out more about the sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


24 May 2017