Two of the trustees outlined the current site progress using projected photos taken of the site and the architects drawings. This formed the basis of discussions about the perimeter of the site, the community garden, the site plan and how each of the rooms are connected in the building.

It was explained that new Trustees will need to be sought for the next stage of the project as the construction finishes and the projects running in the building begin. We was explained that this would be a formal process which needs to be defined prior to advertising , interviews then appointments.

It was then explained that help is needed in the following areas:

  • Part-time centre manager appointment
  • Volunteers to assist in running the centre
  • Small jobs for painting, gardening etc
  • Help developing the existing website

The fund raising has achieved some incredible results over the past couple of months. This were detailed as follows;

  1. 420 Trees from the Woodland Trust
  2. £20,000 from a land fill grant – this would provide landscaping & cycle shelter
  3. Octopus Energy – sensory tree pack of 10 trees
  4. East Midlands Airport Community Fund – £1,500 towards purchasing chairs for the main hall
  5. The Henry Smith Charity – £10,000 towards building costs

The next stage for the fund raising team is to move on to the fixtures and fittings require inside the building.

To enable as many people as possible to find out about the centre and the projects, in addition to the  meetings held at Outwoods Edge every couple of months, we will also run drop-in events at Costa coffee on Allendale Road. These will provide people who cannot attend the usual Wednesday meetings with the change to find out how they can get involved. These will be held on different nights of the week from 8:30-9:30. and will be advertised through our email updates and social media channels.

27th March 2019