Once again it was good to see some new faces at this month’s meeting, more people who had heard about the project and wanted to find out more information. Discussions during the meeting were split between the Aldi planning application and the Grange Park Centre.

Our meetings always start with updates since the previous meeting. Our most notable progress has been the selection of the employers agent, MDA Consulting, who will help guide us through the development and (subject to successful award of the full RCB grant) construction phases. With the help of MDA we are currently looking at various elements of the development phase in more detail, and reviewing our research over the past two months with the benefit of their experience. We have also had discussions with one of the construction groups which are part of the East Midlands Property Alliance, Property Services framework (EMPA). The selection of the construction company via the EMPA framework will significantly reduce the development phase by removing the need to tender for a construction company to work with.

The existing agreement for the land expires next month on 31st August, and we are currently awaiting confirmation of an extension between William Davis and Charnwood Borough Council for an additional 12 months.

We discussed the various tasks assigned to the various sub-groups which have been set up to work on the next stage of the Big Lottery application.

The Funding sub-group having completed the application for the Bright Ideas grant, and we are waiting to hear an outcome during July. The group will be turning their attention to a BIFFA grant and CBC grant for a future promotional event. The Business plan sub-group will be meeting on 3rd July to progress the application.

You can find out more about these sub-groups on our ‘How you can help‘ page.


28 June 2017