When we applied for planning permission in 2017 for the Community Centre, we had ideas from previous consultation about the local community groups who would want to use the centre and we used this to help shape the opening hours.

During the construction phase we have been approached by nearly 50 local groups wanting to book the centre for community activities and events. Two of these offer activities which we didn’t envisage from the outset, but we would be excited to see running from the centre. The groups will help to serve the needs in the local community, however they require the centre to open 30 minutes earlier in the morning in order to set up and operate effectively.

These groups are:

  • a local business that wants to run a before school breakfast club, and an after school club from the centre. The club will serve local families whose children attend the nearby Outwoods Edge Primary School on Redwood Road. The current provision of childcare at the school is fully booked with a twelve month waiting list. We are confident this will benefit many families who struggle to find childcare. The club will run Monday to Friday during term time and in addition to helping the local community, it would also provide a significant income to help cover the running costs of the centre and ensure it will remain sustainable.
  • a Church group that wishes to book the centre from 8am on Sundays to run an activity offering a breakfast service for local families. This is a regular weekly booking of the centre which will represent a significant income to the charity

We have therefore applied to the Planning Department to request permission to open the Community Centre at the earlier time of 7:30am Monday to Saturdays and from 8am on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Request for a change of opening hours – July 2019