10th July 2019

The construction sub team updated residents on the progress of the building, and shared a number of site photos. The latest construction update can be found here. The fundraising sub team announced that funding has been received for the kitchen

22nd May 2019

We were delighted to welcome our 2 new Borough Councillors, Cllr Bolton & Cllr Brennan, to the meeting, along with a number of residents. The construction sub team updated residents on the progress of the building. The brick work is

23rd January 2019

The Grange Park Centre Committee were delighted to be joined by representatives from the Shelthorpe Community Association, and a number of local residents for the meeting. The meeting begun with a review of the minutes from the 7th November 2018

27th March 2019

Two of the trustees outlined the current site progress using projected photos taken of the site and the architects drawings. This formed the basis of discussions about the perimeter of the site, the community garden, the site plan and how

7th November 2018

This meeting was originally scheduled for 31st October, but we rearranged for 7th November to avoid a clash with Halloween activities. It was great to see a good turnout, and the committee shared updates about the key strands of the

15 August 2018

After the England v Croatia World Cup football match took over our July meeting, we were really pleased to be able to organise a replacement meeting. It was great to welcome 11 local residents including some new faces, along with

28 February 2018

The meeting was the first part to develop a list of skills and activities of local residents in the area. The slides from the presentation give on the evening can viewed below: Feb 2018 presentation A summary of the flip

23 May 2018

Once again it was great to see a full room with new faces at our meeting, along with other local residents and our local borough councillor Richard Huddlestone and county councillor Ted Parton. Since our last meeting in February there

15 November 2017 (GPC AGM )

Grange Park Centre AGM, The Studio, Outwoods Edge Primary School Details of the AGM meeting can be found in the report (see below) which was read out at the meeting. GPC Trustees Anual Report 2017

13 December 2017

It was good to see a large turnout for this month’s meeting, including David Hayes, one of our Borough Councillors. The meeting opened with a welcome and introduction from the GPC Secretary. Thanks was given to all those who had